A multiplayer game from 2 to 6 people

A real online escape game in a video game, with a first-person view, as well as an integrated written chat.

A real game master leads the session

The role of the game master has been specifically integrated into the scenario as a non-player character. He can thus accompany and guide the players.

The mechanics of an escape game

Search, clues, mechanisms... Players will experience a truly immersive adventure!

No investment required

For each game booked by a group, you buy the activation key on our website.


On the operator side, here's what you need to do:
- Set up an online reservation system for these rooms on your website
- Return one or more of your Game Masters available,
- Communicate on your social networks!


You set out to find him, searching every corner of the forest. Your journey led you to an old house with an eerie façade.
A little later, you woke up in the lair of a bloodthirsty Cannibal. It didn't take long for the human beast to tear you to pieces at the bottom of a pot...


 You were learned druids. Your common mentor warned you about a forbidden ritual that offers immortality but robs you of your memory in return. You signed an oath never to use it. One of you, however, ended up betraying your oath. In your time, druids were extremely rare, so it was necessary to perform the ritual again in order to reverse its effects...

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Do you want to have an online escape game room that suits you?
We can create a custom video game for you, in the theme you want, for groups of 2 to 6 people.
A great remote teambuilding tool!